Step into a world where brushstrokes dance and colors whisper tales of wonder. Welcome to an extraordinary collection of art that transcends boundaries and captures the essence of emotions. Each stroke of the artist’s hand holds a story, waiting to be unveiled, waiting to be shared.

Introducing The Artist

Hello, my name is Susan. Susan Elizabeth Wheeler.

I sign all of my work SEW. My last name was Byrnes, so my earlier work is signed SEB.

I was a ballet dancer in my youth, but now I dance through my paintings. My love of landscapes and nature, and the movement I see in all of the natural world is what I enjoy painting most. My paintings are landscapes infused with hidden figures that express movement in life and nature.

“The artwork is so multidimensional and beautiful. Every time I look at it, the piece delivers another layer of meaning.”  Katalin M.

“Loving the dancing. What a wonderful interpretation you share. Thank you!!” Deborah AJ


Dancers In The Trees


Dancers In The Trees


Dancers In The Trees


Dancers In The Trees