Serenade – Art Card (Free Shipping)


Inspired by Balanchine’s choreography, Serenade, the ghostly figures appear at the bottom of the painting..

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Serenade – The house where we are living now, has the most enchanting landscaping all around the property. The small animals, brown squirrels, gray squirrels, birds of every variety, large and small, come to visit in the trees and shrubbery throughout the day. There is a canopy of evergreen trees with a few deciduous trees sprinkled in for variety of texture and color. The property is brimming with life. One morning we got up and noticed the shadows on the grass made by the spring morning sun shining through their branches. I could see the dancers, in my minds eye, from Balanchine's choreography, Serenade. The large group of females were all lined up between the shadows as if they were on the Earth's stage paying homage to our blessed Mother Earth, and the bright warm sun that brings us warmth and energy. Seemingly, it was designed for the ballet we were being presented with from our dining room window.

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