“My paintings are landscape paintings infused with hidden figures that express movement in life and nature.”

Come, step into a realm of artistic brilliance, and let your journey through our gallery begin. The art awaits, and so does the opportunity to own a piece of magic.




 I grew up in Eastern Washington, in the town of Kennewick, one of the Tri-Cities. Eastern Washington is a very arid area. It is lovely really, but I didn’t fully appreciate how beautiful it was until I left. When I moved to Western Washington I came to understand what it is like to live in the Pacific Northwest where it is green, moist, and bursting with growing things. The outdoor calls me  and I spend a lot of time outdoors, especially during the fair months.

As a young women I was a dancer. I was a serious student of ballet and modern dance in particular. I have enjoyed yoga, pilates, and taught jazz, and tap for several years to children. Eventually I got involved in dancing the Argentine tango. Now I dance through my paintings. My love of landscapes, nature, and the movement I see within all of nature is what I enjoy painting most. My paintings are landscapes infused with hidden figures that express movement in life and nature.

My background as a dancer/choreographer, has given me an understanding of what it feels like when I dance. Those feelings are similar to what I feel when I am in nature, around animals, or simply in alignment with my inner being. There is a joyous feeling of appreciation that I feel and extend this feeling into my paintings.

Living in Western Washington all these years I have adopted the ways of those that have lived here forever; like the trees and the rocks that make up the landscape. You dress in layers, sandals and socks is not out of the norm at all. Wearing longer hair and being free of make-up is a joy, and living close to the earth can be a religious experience.

My husband Mike, and I like to travel from time to time. Places we have visited along the way get captured in my paintings every once in a while. Arizona and Utah, near Moab, were very inspirational for me when we traveled there. I enjoy going back again and again. I love the red rock formations and the water that flows through them in many of the national parks.

My paintings reflect my love for the mountains that surround us: Mt. Rainier, Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Adams, Glacier Peak, Mt. Baker, the Olympic Mountains, and the Cascade Mountain Range. The beauty creates the response a child might give after walking into Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. The sights, and the inspirations for my paintings are limitless here.

Bach’s Flower Essences

My intention is to paint the five flower essences in The Bach’s Flower Essence “Rescue Remedy.” These five paintings are in honor of the five flowers in this flower essence remedy: Clematis, Star of Bethlehem, Rock Rose, Impatiens, and Cherry Plum. The flower remedies are a beautiful, and natural way to redirect moods, emotions, and your overall well-being.  

This flower essence remedy has been a staple in my medicine cabinet and I appreciate how they have influenced my overall well-being. The first three paintings completed so far are Clematis, Star of Bethlehem and Rock Rose. Each of these paintings have hidden dancers within the blooms. All five paintings will be available for sale in the near future.

Clematis (HERE NOW) – Affirmation; I am inspired to manifest my ideals. I am happy to be here now. I am involved in life.

Star of Bethlehem (HEALING) – Affirmation; I feel calm and soothed. I am freed from the trauma of the past. My soul finds consolation and healing in the divine light.

Rock Rose (SELF-TRANSCENDENCE) – Affirmation; I face the most extreme challenges with unshakeable courage. I am immortal spirit. I am in God’s hands.

Impatiens (PATIENCE) – Affirmation; I relax. I accept the flow of life and the pace of others. I allow the process of life to gently unfold. I am patient and understanding.

Cherry Plum (COMPOSURE) – Affirmation; I remain balanced and strong under extreme stress. I acknowledge a higher force guiding my life.